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Any One can join business opportunity by registering free in our Company. You have to buy one tour services to become a Business Manager (BM), You can travel all world starting from Dubai with us by earning from company.


Dubai Tour Package

  • 150 USD/10,000 INR => Visa Fee
  • 300 USD/20,000 INR => Return Ticket
  • 280 USD/19,000 INR => Travel Package

Referral Incentive:

You can get earning option by referring other person. A member can sponsor any number of direct members and from every member he/she will get $60 OR Rs.4000/- as Referral Income.

Matching Incentive:

You can get matching incentives where you will have 1 Business Manager in left side out & 1 Business Manager in Right Side, You will get matching incentives of $30 / 2000 INR

* 2 Direct BM required for matching incentive .
* Coping & training Applicable .

Repurchase Incentive:

On Repurchase of products by you & your downline a distributor gets incentive by differential method according to the following table. Company provides the performance incentives starting from 20% to 40% according to your current month business. You can increase your business by sponsoring more direct member in your direct downline tree & You will have hundreds of travel & visa products to sell and get incentive. Performance Bonus incentive is calculated according to following chart.

Performance Incentive

Rank GBV Further Criteria Slab Designation
1st 20% Manager(Business)
2nd 500000 22% Executive
3rd 1000000 24% Senior Executive
4th 2000000 26% Silver Executive
5th 5000000 Minimum 2 Senior Executive in Team 28% Gold Executive
6th 10000000 Minimum 2 Silver Executive in Team 30% Star Executive
7th 50000000 Minimum 2 Gold Executive in Team 32% Diamond Executive
8th 100000000 Minimum 2 Star Executive in Team 34% Platinum Executive
9th 200000000 Minimum 2 Diamond Executive in Team 36% Vice President
10th 500000000 Minimum 2 Platinum Executive in Team 40% President

Leadership Incentive:

If any president work under any president then 5 Level upline will get 1% of his Business.

Royalty Incentives:

There are 3 types of Royalty Incentives:

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